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I'm the founder and designer behind Berose Studio and I'm so glad you're here!

I graduated college with a degree in interior design and have dabbled in other aspects of the creative world: photography, studio arts, interior design, and graphic design.

I began helping friends and family as a favor, doing design work, which led me to where I am now — helping other entrepreneurs bring their dream visions for their business come to life! There's nothing more rewarding and fun than working with other creatives, and it's been amazing to see the transformation we create.

Hey, I'm Marigolde

About Me

Doing the research, setting trends, and finding ways to make your business unique with branding and web design is what I live for! I find inspiration in interiors, architects, & fashion. And I love creating movement with the use of layering, textures, fonts, and photos.

I strive for simple, unique, and trendsetting.

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